Thursday, September 21, 2006

Event-ually I'll Be Over It

So event season is upon us.

Not events as in award shows and the like...that's always earlier in the year. We're talking good, old La La Land, celebrity-hosted, swag-loaded soirees with the usual suspects: A-listers, celebrity stylists, magazine and publicity peeps, hipsters, scenesters and a couple regular people for good measure.

Last night was my inauguration into the 2006-2007 event season, kicking off with the opening of the Levi's Store on Rodeo Drive, which began at a freakishly early 6 pm. The celebrity host (though some may beg to differ on this one)? Super stylist Jessica Paster. The sponsor? Vanity Fair and Allure. The food? Mini burgers, shrimp, mini pancakes with some sort of cream cheese, mini veggie quiche and some other mini things. The scene? Magazine people, publicists, regular people who probably just wanted to snatch a gift bag, my 944 magazine editors, and the infamous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (of, who happens to be buds with one of my L.A. besties. Of course, my friend, editors and I high-tailed it outta there before the swag was handed out. Darn. But my guess is that the bag contained a Levi's tee or gift certificate, some sort of beauty product and current issues of both Vanity Fair and Allure.

Can anyone confirm??

The second event was a Genlux Magazine issue release party with its current cover girl Eva La Rue. She preened and posed in front of a teeny tiny press wall while many typical Hollywood types mingled 'round and 'round the hotel pool (a shi-shi hotel on the Avenue Of The Stars, but can't quite remember which). A lot of men blazers, button up shirts, expensive jeans, and pointy square-toed leather shoes made appearances, as well as some buxon bleach-blondes (signalling our time to blow the popsicle stand) and a woman in a VERY unfortunate white and blue printed Laura Ashley type dress with bad white espadrilles. No wonder she sat down the whole time! However, I did enjoy the cotton candy martini the bartender whipped up, as well as the pretty cut fruit display with the chocolate-covered strawberries. In any case, the was no swag -- just some free current issues of Genlux that were nary to be found by the time we left -- but I had a fabulous time making fun of people and chit-chatting with the girls.

And at least my valet driver was nice.

My final verdict is that events season is a love-hate relationship. Sometimes a girl just needs a little drama in her life.

I'm Lovin' it: My interview today at 5:30 pm at a super secret company for a super secret position. Which, of course, I'll reveal to you next week once I get their yay or nay.

I'm Over it: Weird, intense dreams. Been having some of those Mercury still in retrograde of something??

Track of the Day: "This Charming Man" by The Smiths. Somehow I just can't get enough of UK bands, especially ones from the 80s. Though I am an 80s child...sorta...


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