Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lemon: The New Pink?

Via internation MSN conversation a few weeks ago, my good friend Andy was bringing me up to speed on New Zealand's hottest designers. Kiwi designers are definitely a grossly overlooked pool of talent. Their design aesthetic is more London than Milan -- a lot of the clothing is interestingly desconstructed and intellectual as opposed to va-va-voom sexy. Karen Walker, WORLD, and Trelise Cooper are among some of favorites to come out of Kiwi country.

My boys from New Zealand are stylish ones indeed. I've found most men from that side of the world -- Australia and New Zealand -- have a style nestled somewhere between west coast United States (particularly SoCal) and Europe. Not excessively Euro and not too California casual. Andy sent me a picture of his new favorite shirt, which is in a color I've never really given much thought to, but has now made me wonder: is lemon the new pink for men?

An ex of mine once asked for my opinion on a pink/grey shirt combination he'd been eyeing, during the time when pink and grey was the bee's knees. With him living and working in midtown Manhattan, you can imagine that he also has fashion flair, as most up-and-coming men in New York do. Not that I didn't like the combination of pepto and elephant, it's just I didn't particularly like it on such as masculine guy. But lemon is a more subtle color, not a pink or purple that's in your face and screaming "Hi, I'm a metrosexual!" It's more understated -- yet fresh. I can see lemon with a metallic green or kingfisher blue tie, solids or stripes, whatever strikes your fancy. If a man's feeling a little bold, even a pastel or deep purple tie could add some spice to a conservative black Zegna suit.

Will the male population pick up on this new color trend? Maybe or maybe not.

But I think it's the hottest thing around.

I'm Lovin' it: The new Lulu Guiness collection of evening bags. Either the Feather Drop Fan bag or the World Is Your Oyster purse will do, thank you very much.

I'm Over it: Lot parking near the Promenade in Santa Monica during holiday shopping madness. Hint: check the very first floor for spots. I scored one there yesterday (and saw loads more) while the rest of the fools were madly scrambling on the top levels.

Track Classic of the Day: "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan. Where the heck has this guy gone anyway? He was musically responsible for making my late high school to early university years so darn memorable.


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