Monday, December 12, 2005

Accessoire Obsessed

I'm a firm believer that great accessories will make any pitiful ensemble just gorgeous. Shoes, rings, bags, bracelets, cuffs, earrings -- the more you have spilling out of your closet and jewelry boxes, the happier you'll be and the more flush you'll feel.

I tend to pile everything on: chunky wood bangles, long dangly fish lure necklaces, big cocktail rings, massive earrings (absolutely diggin' my "rice cake" shell pair -- thanks to Lee for the becoming moniker and thanks to to little old lady at Venice Beach for roping me into buying it!), and a silver toe ring that hasn't come off my middle left toe since 2000. Okay, okay -- it came off once, people. A long night in pointy stilettos not only molded my foot digits into a semi-permanent triangle for a day or two, it also squished my beloved toe ring. It needed some serious re-shaping and had to be extracted. But I digress. (Is that something I do a lot?)

Here's how accessory obsession happens to me: I'll fall in love with an accessory item for awhile, and much like relationships sometimes, I'll get bored and neglect said item or I'll develop of short-term case of amnesia and forget about it for a few months because I'll fallen heads over heels for something else. Tragically non-committal? Maybe. But there's no harm in switching it up sometimes.

My other fabulously fashion-conscious Kiwi BF Lee (about 6'4, dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes -- the epitomy of tall, dark, and handsome -- but sadly more into Brad Pitt than I am) sent me a picture of his adorable friend Simon and a gal pal friend. Immediately I noticed a curious accessory covering the girl's lower arm. It was a thumb sleeve, minus the entire top half of the sleeve. It sat on her forearm by its lonesome, defiant in solidarity. Very rocker, a little gothic (calling Evanescence Amy Lee) -- not really my style, but apparently all the rage across the pond.

From Chloe pretty to Aeon Flux scary. Not today, but possibly if you buy me the black kohl eyeliner to go with it.

PS. I had a picture of previously mentioned thumbsleeve, but silly bugger wouldn't upload! Sorry, kids.

I'm Lovin' it: Store openings with yummy hors d'oeuvres, drinks gratis, and wicked DJ on the tables. Tonight, me and my co-hort Leslie hitting up Milk Boutique's opening with "The OC" honey Rachel Bilson hosting and post-Richie DJ AM providing tunes. Um yeah, I'm only going for the spiked egg nog.

I'm Over it: Waiting to hear back from interviews! Oh, and Jessica Simpson plumping up her already super-plush lips. Hey J., you don't want to do the Lisa Rinna 'cause that's just heinous.

Guilty Pleasure Track of the Day: "How You Do" by Frankee. Remember when she said "FU Right Back" to supposed ex-flame Eamon? This song shoulda been the one to hit the airwaves fo' sho.


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