Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Fashion Season-al Affective Disorder. That is exactly what I have. Is that the same as the winter blues? The answer is a moot point any way. The real point is I very badly want to wear this BCBG outfit, straight off the runway from their Spring 2006 Ready to Wear show. The top itself is so much better than getting fed a box of Godiva milk chocolates by the boys of "Thunder Down Under", while enjoying a full-body Swedish massage on a beach in Costa Rica.

My girl A-lice works at the Robson Street BCBG in my old hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Hey, so...Merry Christmas to me??

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I'm Lovin' it: Congratulations to the Rossdales! Gwen Stefani is expecting a bundle of joy from the stork. So the baby daddy's a fox and the baby momma's just about the coolest freakin' woman in the entire world. Now that's rock (steady) royalty for you!

I'm Over it: Twenty-four hours in a day = not enough time to get anything done. After university, life isn't a party 24-7 and it's certainly not something you can just skip if you have a killer hangover.

Band I'm Diggin': Panic At The Disco. The name of this Sin City-born band has got to be an inside, but their music is so wicked I don't even care to be in on the joke.

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