Friday, November 18, 2005

Prime Time

If there's one thing I'm obsessed about, it's my lashes. My girlfriends are constantly bowling over in laughter at me whenever we do the "girlie bathroom group" thing during a night on town. I whip out my eyelash curler for an extra squeeze before buying myself -- or better yet, getting bought -- another drink. My homegirls declare me crazy for using the curler while my lashes are bathed in mascara. All you make-up fiends know that's a cosmetic no-no, so please do not attempt (Haute Hippie's not too proud about this bad habit).

Let's break down the essentials for perfectly perfect lashes.

2. GET THEE THE SHU UEMURA LASH CURLER. Originally made for Asian lashes -- notoriously known for being stick-straight and thin -- this puppy gets every strand, every time.

2. If you want lusciously thick eyelashes always, always use a primer. I've been using the Smashbox kind forever at $14 a pop, it's kept me happy. However, several beauty experts worship Shu Uemura Lash Repair, so I've been dying to try it at a cool $20 per. What's $6 dollars anyway, when making sexy eyes?

3. Mascara, mascara, mascara. God, where to start on this one. Ok, got a confession to make -- I never use just one kind at a time. In fact, I use THREE. Here they are, in chronological order of use: Benefit BadGal Lash, L'Oreal Sky High Curves, and Maybelline 5x VolumExpress. Basically, you've got the primer mascara, the lengthening mascara, and the thickening mascara. OCD, much?

4. Eyelash comb. The Tweezerman metal comb is wicked for removing Tammy Faye Baker clumps, but don't poke your eye out. Very dangerous contraption.

5. And the final question: should you apply mascara on bottom lash set or not? Are you kidding me, of course! Opens those eyes right up.

There you have it, kids. My secret to succulent, come-hither lashes. Happy weekend, and have fun being fabu-lash! (Groan...I know, I know)

I'm Lovin' it: Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ on La Cienega. Went there with a friend for the first time tonight, where I fell in love with the entire dining experience. Right smack in the center of the table is a little mini grill, where you cook up a variety of marinated meats, seafood, and veggies to your liking. Even better, they have Happy Hour each day, so you bet your bottom dollar we were stoked to drink huge $1 beer mugs of Kirin beer till 6:30 pm. The bowl of green tea ice cream is massive (I know my friend didn't want to eat it, but I force fed him anyway) and instead of the usual bland breathmint or cookie with the bill, this place gives you a cute magenta stick of minty melon-flavored Japanese gum. Oh, and ask for either Howard or Davis to serve you, because they're the bomb.

I'm Over it: Valet parking at the lot by Gyu Kaku. When the valet guy brought our car around, the dude made us walk across the lot to retrieve it. So, the point of valet is?? When you pay for the service, better damn well get your car brought to you. No tip tonight, buddy!


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