Monday, November 07, 2005

Christmas and New Year's already?!

You can imagine just how excited I was to see the shiny, thick, bright fuschia Victoria's Secret Holiday catalogue sitting on the dining room table when I got home from work a few weeks ago. Not that every catalogue isn't enthralling to flip through, but the holiday issue is chock full of super sultry lingerie, floaty tops for New Year's Eve, and more recently, cute little beauty gift sets I would love to see under my Christmas tree (or an behind in the technological times).

Of course, I know full well there is no way in hell I could fill out the sexy bustiers, demi bras, G-strings and garters the way Adriana Lima or Gisele Bundchen do, but there is no reason I can't channel sex kitten for...myself. Bah humbug. Merry Christmas to me. Someone's got to get me a present and it it might as well be me, I suppose. But I digress.

For all you shoppers out there that want to: a) get a head start and b) don't want to leave the comfort of your flannel blankie, fireplace and hot cocoa, here are some of the best VS holidays gifts to bestow on your loved ones. Just click and pay.

For Those Who Like to Smell Pretty

The Memoirs Of A Geisha Gift Set will leave you feeling surrounded by cherry blossom leaves in an untouched Japanese countryside. And the packaging is definitely for keeps.

For Those Who Want to Gift Themselves to a Boyfriend

This Chantal Thomass satin bra and panty set will quite literally be the fastest gift unwrapped this holiday season.

For Those Who Want to Drink Hot Chocolate and Roast Chestnuts on an Open Fire

I love boucle in the winter. You will, too, if you get this ruffle boucle cardigan in turquoise.

Oh yeah, and just because I'm from Canada doesn't mean that I forgot the all-important Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. It's just that Thanksgiving and fashion together, somehow, just don't do it for me...

I'm Lovin' it: Yoplait Light and Fat Free Very Vanilla yogurts. If you ever crave something sweet and absolutely terrible for you, crack open one of these and I promise you'll be able to last a few, uh, hours more.

I'm Over it: Las Vegas as a New Year's Eve hotspot. I'm doing San Francisco this year. Oh, who am I kidding?? Sin City is always the place to be! But just not this year and on my budget...


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