Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh Stella, Yeah!

I know you all know by now that I love the fashion house Chloe. Fashion fanatics definitely know that Stella McCartney designed the house before Phoebe Philo, and fashion phobes may know that Stella is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney. Regardless of her rock 'n' roll heritage and her defection from Chloe to start her own eponymous line, Stella comes up with fabulous clothing: whimsical, feminine, and always en pointe.

We all know the pros of buying Stella McCartney (like the knowledge that you'll always look amazing in it), but the one lone con can be summed up in four words: heavy on the pocketbook. But don't you fret, fashionistas, because Stella is the queen of fashion collabos. Fresh from her recent partnership with Adidas she has now jumped into the arms of another clothing conglomerate, the nirvana of stylish men and women everywhere (except the west coast, damn you!) on a budget, the infallible and always fashionably reliable H & M. It'll be your only chance to snag the best of Stella's runway favorites at affordable price points. Look for New York city to go wild next month as Stella McCartney's limited edition H & M line hits the shelves next month. Check back on October 27th to preview the entire collection. You can log onto the H & M site and sign up for an email reminder to be sent to you on November 9th. I know you don't want to miss this one.

Expect line ups to start earlier than the crack of dawn and to wrap around the block ten times. Wear your cutest, comfiest flats (guys included), clothing you can slip in and out of in thirty seconds, and have your shopping game face on with a venti soy chai latte in hand for instant energy.

You're going to need it.

I'm Lovin' it: Anything along the Orange County coast. Was in the (real) OC today for dinner at The Cannery and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. Let me just say that the Tuxedo cheesecake is heaven to the tastebuds and hell to the hips. And speaking of the real OC, aka. Laguna Beach, my girl R-Shizz had an LC sighting on FIDM's campus last week. Apparently not as cute in person, but had a bangin' body. However, R-Shizz gives LC benefit of the doubt...rain is never good for one's hair.

I'm Over it: Pumpkin-spiced anything. I've OD-ed on it in the past couple weeks for sure. Give me a few days and I'll be ready to go again.


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