Friday, October 21, 2005

Madness at Marciano

So yesterday night found me at another (typical) L.A. regional magazine-slash-store event, this one being the Marciano store at The Grove in conjunction with Los Angeles Magazine and the fabulous non-profit organization Step Up Women's Network. You'd think the combination of a well-known store like Marciano, a great regional like L.A. Magazine, and a commendable non-profit like Step Up = a fabulous time for networking and fun, but I almost felt like it was a cheesy club scene masquerading as a high-profile event.

My first pet peeve: What was with all the Guess employees dressed in those horrifically trashy front-draped and ruched, stretchy and shiny mini dresses?! Were they trying to channel current Guess hi-zzo model of the month, Miz Paris "Almost Latsis" Hilton? Oh, and not to mention each and every one of them wore a clashing lacy bra underneath, showing it in its entirety to the viewing public. Who was their stylist? He or she should be fired for sure.

Pet Peeve, numero deux: The bad crowd. Trashy Guess employees with way too much make-up and open-toed sandals from Frederick's of Hollywood, skanky and drunk Hollywood types who somehow finagled an invite, magazine peeps who looked lost in translation, all clashing with the goody Step Up gals manning the event. And the only good-looking fellas were the ones serving the bubbly. Oh yeah.

The perks: Free champagne, delicious mocha cookies, scrumptious mini brownies with a fresh raspberry on top, the $138 gold and studded hip-slung belt I drooled over, the semi-cute Marciano tank as a gift, and the super-cute Step Up beads at night's end.

The final assessment of the evening: I felt like I was trapped in a really bad club on the Jersey Shore, surrounded by goumbas in trucker hats. I kid you not, I saw two dudes sporting the hats SIDEWAYS. You are not Ashton, kiddos. And even if you were, that was sooooo 2002.

Ah, can't wait for the next shindig.

I'm Lovin' it: The Fall/Winter 2005 collection of New York-based shoemaker Kristen Lee. Her white urban cowboy boots are perfect for this fall...and winter...and possibly next spring...

I'm Over it: Trying to find a Halloween costume! Boo, the one I wanted to buy online was sold right out. Gots to find me another one.


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