Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fashion Week, L.A. Style

L.A. Fashion Week is here again! Kevan Hall kicked off this edition, and by the sounds of it, his show was a little on the normal side. The line was not particularly exceptional and apparently models in Los Angeles just don't know how to strut it on the catwalk. However, the following Louis Verdad presentation was everything and more. The man has a fabulous eye for detail, all of which gave his traditional silhouettes and influences a modern, fresh twist. One woman I spoke to said she was dying to own each outfit that came out Louis' runway. Even Charlize "Aeon Flux" Theron came out to grace Smashbox Studios and pay homage to this Angeleno designer. Not a bad testament to Louis V., numero deux!

Some fab outfits seen this weekend:

Isn't the detailing on the back of the skirt in Image 3 heavenly? It looks like it would give you more curves than 50s pin-up diva Betty Page. And don't get me started on the Louis V. outfit in Image 1, because it's too chic for words.

Tomorrow, Haute Hippie is paying a visit to the Fashion Week Design Suites. Which means I'll have even more juicy style tidbits to share with you a demain. That's tomorrow en francais, for all you anglophiles!

I'm Lovin' it: The prospect of reading Everyone Worth Knowing by Anna-Wintour's-assistant-alum Lauren Weisberger. For those who pored over The Devil Wears Prada, look out for her new book ripping into the inner workings of the PR world. Being in publicity myself, this little roman-a-clef should be a hoot.

I'm Over it: The rain. Seriously now, go away and come again some other day!


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