Thursday, November 17, 2005

Vogue Magazine...for the masses?

It's a well known fact that Vogue Magazine is considered "The Bible" for the fashion industry (though I beg to differ, I'm a die-hard fan of The Daily). The magazine's elitist in every sense of the word. Take a look at it's editorial, story features, which PYTs -- Pretty Young Things, meaning NYC's brightest young socialites -- are in the month's spotlight, which books and music are a must-read/listen, and what Andre Leon Talley has to say this issue. You've got the Tinsley Mortimer/Eleanor Ylvisaker duo to Balenciaga-Rochas spreads to how ALT lost mega pounds by hiring a trainer.

So you can imagine just how surprise I was to see that of all the high-falutin' publications out there, Vogue decided to take Wal-Mart as it's biggest advertiser. High-low trend, much? It's gettin' outta hand.

Wal-Mart + Vogue = money-driven conglomerates who could care less about the masses.

But cheap John Frieda hair product at one and oh-la-la, frosted accessory spreads in one?? God, how I love both them moolah-grubbers.

I'm Lovin' it: Matthew McConaughey as People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2005. Was there ever a doubt? Penelope I envy you...

I'm Over it: Talan Torriero (as in MTV's Laguna Beach) and Kimberly Stewart (as in Rod's baby girl) ENGAGED! Hmmm...isn't Talan launching his music career?? No ulterior motive there, whatsoever.


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