Thursday, November 17, 2005

Slummin' Bum

Tonight, Haute Hippie had RSVPs to two events tonight. One, the Surface Magazine/Lexus soiree at Smashbox Studios and two, an animal charity fundraiser at producer Shane West's casa in Hancock Park.

So why is she sitting at home, typing furiously on her blog??

Because all her friends are BUMS and already had plans other than being Haute Hippie's wingman tonight. And you can't really show up at these mixers solo (unless you're thankfully meeting a buddy there) or else you feel like some sort of weirdo.

I guess I'll have to go onto Wire Image and check out what/who I missed...

I'm Lovin' it: Not missing an episode of The OC this evening!

I'm Over it: My hometown hockey team -- the Vancouver Canucks -- losing 5-4 tonight to the stank-a** Los Angeles Kings. Booo. Cloutier, they may have pulled you out of goal and put good old Al Auld in, but I still love ya. And Nazzy, can I please have your children? (Kidding, kidding...but not really...)


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