Monday, August 10, 2009


Taking a long weekend away equates heavy duty catching up upon returning chez moi.

Therefore, this post will be quick like a bunny but, oh, will you ever be glad you tuned in today.

Once thing I've learned after reading through their book Influence: never underestimate the talent and intelligence of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

There's a reason why these two mini moguls are where they are today, and it's not sheer luck or royalties from Full House and from MK + O Kmart products.

They are simply just brilliant in every sense of the word, both creatively and entrepreneurially.

Check out these creations from their label Elizabeth & James for Fall '09.

I'm Lovin' it: Congrats to my friend Aims and Stevie on their engagement!!!!! Love you guys.

I'm Over it: I went from waterskiing on a bright and sunny day to rain and cold the next. Boo urns.

Track of the Day: I promise two for tomorrow!

* Photos property of Elizabeth & James and are used solely for commentary purposes


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