Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Crocs.

Alright, so this very sexy Donna Karan shoe isn't actually made of crocodile -- it's alligator.

It's also $6,075.


But I keep picturing all the dark denim stovepipes and slim skirts it would go so amazingly with, and I highly suggest the fashion-obsessed with a boatload of disposable income add it to their fall wardrobe right now.

I'm Lovin' it: The Sartorialist gave a little TMI on his bedroom prowess at a recent event. Hilarious. And also, his girlfriend is fellow photo-blogger Garance Dore! For a few months now, too. What a perfect little fashion couple.

I'm Over it: At the Virgin Fest yesterday, I saw way too many Birkenstocks for my liking.

Track of the Day: I knew I knew that sample from somewhere at the Virgin Fest yesterday! Jarvis Cocker played a song called "You're In My Eyes" yesterday, which samples "Rolling Down The Hills" from Glass Candy (of the record label Italians Do It Better).

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