Monday, July 20, 2009

Forever Young.

I'm not one prone to disloyalty, but I'm about to cheating on Nicholas Kirkwood.

There's a new shoe cobbler to show up on the sartorial scene, and something tells me the likes of Dior, Alexander Wang and Rodarte might be enlisting his services for their Fall 2010 shows.

Seoul-bornRaphael Young is kind of something of a genius, a fellow who not only came from a cobbled background (his uncle created shoes for YSL), but a fellow also very well-versed in the math and physics. That might explain the preciseness of his silhouettes and shapes.

Let me provide this warning: these shoes are not for the fashion faint of heart. They're more for the adventurous, so listen up there, Lady Gagas of the world.

Nicholas Kirkwood, I still love you, but Raphael has my heart for now.

I'm Lovin' it: Check out Stella McCartney's new ad campaign. I'm sure Linda Evangelista and the model supers wish they could drink from the same Disney fountain of youth as Bambi and friends, who don't look a day over 1942, when they first made their silver screen appearance.

I'm Over it: Dear Wheel of Death on my MacBook, please go spin yourself on someone else's computer and let me work!

Music of the Day: DJ Krush, nee Hideaki Ishi. If you like trip hop-ness DJ Shadow, you'll really be into Dj Krush.

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