Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Music Tees.

As you all know, music is an essential part of my genetic makeup.

I play it, I breathe it, I seek it out 24/7 and would die without it (an exaggeration, but somehow feels like it would be true anyhow).

Thus, it's only natural I'd want one a Music Tee in my closet to throw on before heading out to a show. Music Tees are the creation of Invisible DJ, a company that programs music for retail stores, and LnA, the brand that does great cotton basics, a la American Apparel.

Each tee has an album cover on front, and the album track listing on the back. Then on the tag is a URL where you can download the album, all of which is included in the $39 fixed price. I'm super digging the Mos Def (album: The Ecstatic) and Amanda Blank (album: I Love You) versions.

You can never really separate music and fashion, can you?!

I'm Lovin' it: Tavi from Style Rookie, the most ridiculously stylish thirteen-year-old ever, made it on two magazine covers: Love and POP. Katie Grand, the former EIC of POP, put Tavi on her Love, her new mag. Dasha Zhukova, the new EIC of POP, put Tavi on POP and commissioned Damien Hirst to put his touch on the cover image. The battleground is now the newsstand. May the best EIC win.

I'm Over it: Went on a hike on Saturday that took a bunch of us through a never-ending cluster of thorny bushes for nearly 45 minutes. My legs are physical manifestations of that dire mistake. They're cut up bad, yo.

Track of the Day: "Deli" by Delorean from Espana (er, Spain). Enjoy.

* Photos property of Universal DJ, LnA,, POP, Love and are used solely for commentary purposes


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