Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I dare any other edition of Vogue to top the one from Paris.

Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani, there's no beating the editorials of Carine Roitfeld!

This recent glossy Paris Vogue spread was one in particular that I really, really loved, because it took an American colleague, the NYC socialite and editor-at-large, Lauren Santo Domingo (formerly Lauren Davis), piled her with killer metal bijoux, mussed up her mane a little and gave her uber-smoky eyes.

It's an American gone Paris.

Not what you'd expect from a Greenwich-bred gal, but c'est sexy chic, non?

I'm Lovin' it: This trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasuss makes me tingly with excitement. The visuals are stunning, as is model Lily Cole, who plays Parnasuss' daughter. And it's the last silver screen appearance of Heath Ledger. It's like a Salvador Dali come to life.

I'm Over it: None, because I'm too excited for my three-course culinary class at The Dirty Apron Cooking School tonight!

Track of the Day: My buddy Aroop introduced us to Fresh Espresso, a hip hop act from Seattle. He described them "like Kanye when he drops any pretense of being deep. I think it's preferable." Video of a good live track performance is below for your viewing pleasure.

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