Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life As A (Tree)House.

This weekend, I came across these amazing treehouses by Pete Nelson and Jake Jacob of Seattle-based TreeHouse Workshop.

When I was growing up, some kids I knew had treehouses to play in -- though I unfortunately wasn't one of them. Fast forward a few years to no hard feelings, because these are the kind I'd want right now as a grown-up.

Nelson, Jacob and their team help clients choose healthy, happy trees that are able to survive with a house built within its branches, then use salvaged and reclaimed material and wood for the construction, helping blend the house's aesthetic with its arbor surrounding.

The results are stunning.

Screw the modern, all-glass house on the beach! (Totally kidding, by the way)

I'm Lovin' it: Harper's Bazaar recently did a shoot with the industry's best designers and Sesame Street characters -- think Oscar de la renta, Oscar the Grouch, Diane von Furstenberg, Big Bird and model Sessilee Lopez. Well, might as well learn couture young!

I'm Over it: I went to buy a small bottle of Pellegrino today, and it was nearly $3. That's grand theft, people!

Music of the Day: So this isn't technically a music post, but The Presets did a sunnies collaboration with COLAB Eyewear that's pretty sick-looking. How much do you wanna bet they'll make it onto the next Presets music video?

* Photos property of Pete Nelson, Harper's Bazaar, COLAB Eyewear and are used solely for commentary purposes


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