Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two If By Sea.

I went for my first bike ride of the summer earlier this week, and pretty much knew there was no way I could live anywhere that wasn't near the sea.

I'm a sun and water baby for sure.

Maybe that's why I really, really like Sea New York, designed by Sean Monahan.

Okay, not really. But I do admire the look book photography (the latest has models cavorting with the Easter Bunny) and the clothing (cool enough for the downtown girl, luxe enough for the uptown girl, which are pretty great to look at.

Plus, isn't there a photograph floating around somewhere of fashion and portrait shutterbug Terry Richardson with the Easter Bunny or at least holding a bunny costume head?!

(Note: I just checked, it's a photo of him in a cartoon bear, not rabbit, costume)

You'll soon see what I see in Sea.

Reader Comment of the Day: To the reader who asked about those men's-inspired Oxfords, Steph A. confirmed they're from a Parisian shoe store called La Scarpa!

I'm Lovin' it: Opened my inbox to find an email from my old Santa Monica, CA, roomie, Em! She's a brilliant photographer, from weddings to whatever. Check out her work.

I'm Over it: I got stuck in my apartment elevator, alone with only the elevator TV for company. Yes, I was saved, but now not only do I really know what claustrophia feels like, I never want to see another movie preview for Land of the Lost again.

Track of the Day: "Anti-Orgasm" by Sonic Youth. These guys have their 16th album now out called The Eternal that's pretty much in line with SY tendencies, I think. A taste of their new music is below. Yay, Kim Gordon.

* Photo property of Sea New York and is used solely for commentary purposes


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