Friday, June 05, 2009

Forever in Blue Jeans.

Buying myself another pair of shoes is not really something I should do, especially another pair of gladiators.

Then I walked into Zara and saw these light blue denim ones that begged to be tried on with my tan (which is staying on strong!) and bare legs.

And then I realized the smallest size left was a 6.5, a size that proved to be much too big for my footsies.

So it looks like the verdict was made for me: no new shoes.

I'm taking a mental (and tangible) image of it with me, though.

Happy Friday!!!

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: Ran into my buddy Luker the other day, and he was seriously sporting these grandpa loafers. As we chilled on some steps enjoying the sunshine, he seemed to have a legitimate excuse for it (the dusty construction around his office was mucking up his nice office shoes). Then again, knowing Luker, he was enjoying every waking moment of wearing these ancient things.

I'm Over it: Ummmmmm. Nada.

Track of the Day: Ended up going to Crystal Castles last minute yesterday. I've never seen so much jumping up and down-type dancing till last night. Here's "Crimewave" to get you shimmying into the weekend.

* Photos by Haute Hippie and are used solely for commentary purposes


Blogger noa said...

The jeans sandals are amazing!!!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous yvr said...

On the Zara sandals, they had a replenishment today. All sizes incl. the 36 and in white leather with gold studs. run!?

4:32 PM  
Anonymous yvr said...

oops - in case I wasn't clear: they now have the jeans sandals and the white leather ones.

4:34 PM  

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