Wednesday, February 04, 2009

21 Gram

For a girl that has a gross amount of flat boots, booties, gladiators and heels, I also have an almost-equally gross amount of sneakers from Converse to Creative Recs.

So the very last thing I should be doing is checking out more sneaker brands, but I couldn't help but notice Gram, a Swedish footwear brand with about the best Fall '09 look book photography I've seen yet (think brights and tights).

What I like about Gram is that it really straddles the fine line between sneaker and dressy shoe, as in not too chunky and not too formal -- the brand's signature bigger toe-cap sets it apart from the rest.

The Fall '09 collection is pop-bright, which isn't very fall-ish in terms of color spectrum, but hey, it's still a classy sneak.

You can find it in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver here in North America, as well as major fashion-centric cities all over the globe.

Sorry though, chickies, no women's collection yet.

But you still get to look at Gram's pretty look book pictures and dream.

I'm Lovin' it: I haven't yet got that Complex Geometries hooded dress I've been wanting so very badly, but I did get a great deal on this white zip-up front Lovely Girl version. My obsession with hoods has yet to abate...

I'm Over it: Pinched nerves. Not fun. Buttoning up things is still a trial.

Track of the Day: "I'm Confused" by the Handsome Furs.

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