Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wowey Zoey

Dear Dolce Vita,

You need to send more Zoey boots in size six to that boutique Eden in my town. They have way too many size sevens -- and they are way too big.

I thought of loading the inside of those size sevens with insoles, but that would just be silly.

All my best,
Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: Hit up a skate, surf and lifestyle trade show with Jenks today and was introduced to Danish accessories company Friis & Co. Their Summer '09 bags and shoes are insanely cute.

I'm Over it: I've been killing myself trying to find a pair of boots I saw on a girl the other day. She said she got them at Aldo, but can't seem to locate the boots on their shelves. My guess is she fibbed about where she really got them. Meanie.

Track of the Day: "Lock & Key" by Lilofee. Hailing from California, Lilofee is made up of Robert Easson (instruments) and Kimi Recor (vocals). The words "modern synth rock" have been used to describe their auditory sounds, which is pretty much right on the button.

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