Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kool Kooples

My girl Aims and I had a discussion last weekend over our shared current obsession over cool, creative couples getting photographed in their digs or studios for online publications, like this ongoing spread from The Selby.

Parisian retailer Kooples took it a step further by snapping rad couples dressed in their clothing for store ad campaigns, picking photogenic duos from various sources like Facebook, MySpace and, of course, the street.

You can even read bios on these chosen couples, as long as French is your first language.

I think my obsession with this stems from the fact that I'd like to be the double-X chromosome part of a cool, creative couple.

Just as long as we have a uber-hip apartment in some uber-hip neighborhood with some wicked David Garibaldi on our walls.

I'm Lovin' it: My accidental discovery of Nood on the way to a meeting the other day. I want my apartment filled with their home decor trinkets, which are very, very affordable.

I'm Over it: My nose has not stopped running since this morning. I swear, these single-pane glass windows letting in cold drafts at the coffee joint (that serves as my DT office) will be the death of me.

Track of the Day: Remember this smoove groove?

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