Friday, January 09, 2009

Peacock Sucker

Statement necklaces are where it's at for Spring '09, according to glossy mags everywhere.

Good thing big necklaces have been a longtime favorite of mine, so there will be no need for me to have to totally stock up for the upcoming spring.

It's actually quite insane how many chunky neck things I own.

And sad that I usually rotate through the same four, leaving the others to gather dust in complete neglect. Well, I really should have rethought my rhinestone-studded ghetto blaster necklace purchase. Eh, you live and learn.

I will, though, have to get my little hands on this bleached peacock feather necklace, handmade by Los Angeles-based Miss KK. The 30" gold chain comes with cute little charms, too.

Miss KK, you can ruffle my feathers anytime.

I'm Lovin' it: The post-holiday sales are INSANE. I got a Silence and Noise brown and grey pinstriped dress with front and side pockets for $9.99, a Coincidence and Chance knit vest with black and white silk pinstriped back for $19.99 and a sparkly purple knit mesh tunic (as either a top or very short dress) for $15. Just crazy. Anyway, I've paired the latter two purchases together for (part of) my outfit for dins with Aims (a BFF I haven't seen in a month!) tomorrow night.

I'm Over it: Five contracts to work on today. Whooooooa.

Track of the Day: "Rough Gems" by Islands. It's an oldie from 2006, but it's also definitely peppy enough to get me through what will most certainly be a long-ass work day.

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Blogger agata said...

hey maymay, aggs here. you know the guy on the far right in the islands picture? that is patrick, a good friend of mine from montreal. he was studying music at concordia while i was going to mcgill. i love that you love the islands, they are fantastic!!

3:42 AM  

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