Wednesday, January 25, 2006

L.A. Hearts H & M

Now my darlings, don't kill yourself with excitement.

Every West Coast stylista has been waiting for this moment FOREVER (well, sorta). Brace yourself for the news.

H & M is opening two Southern California locations by the end of this year!

Location #1 will be at the uber-trendy, always busy Beverly Center. Has anyone ever had a alcoholic beverage at the bar/coffee stop on the lower floor? Only in SoCal do they have the balls to serve liquor at a mall.

Location #2 will be at the (also trendy) Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. Props to H & M for not forgetting the peeps up "north"!

Don't believe me? Click below and jump for joy.

H&M Continues Expansion Into Southern California

I'm Lovin' it: Online purse store Amici Accessories. A revamped site makes for easy navigation -- and more pleasing to the eye. Price points are extremely reasonable -- and the purses are cute, cute, cute. Instead of bags being in theme categories (interesting idea, but a bit velveeta, if you know what I'm sayin'), they're now broken down by style. Go to this site and prepare to validate that old, but oh-so-true adage: a girl can never have too many shoes or purses.

I'm Over it: A certain celeb-watch blogger constantly calling Jake Gyllenhaal gay. It's NOT Gyllenhomo, okay?! I love you P.H., but cut my future husband some slack.

Track Classic of the Day: Van McCoy's "Do the Hustle". I can't listen to this song and not start doing the shoulder shake. Bust a move.

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