Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nights in White...Fur

I'm not a member of PETA, I'm not a vegan (prime rib rocks!), and I'm not afraid to say I love fur. Now, I don't own any real pieces (due to certain budget restraints and not being employed by Dennis Basso), but there are a few faux items hanging dutifully in my closet. Living the L.A. lifestyle doesn't really allow me to break them out very often, but I do take advantage of chilly (by L.A. standards, of course) winter mornings to prance around in my faux fur light brown shrug.

Cat Swanson MUST have been designing for fur-starved Angelenos such as myself. We're not talking about huge, floorlength mink coats here, you don't need them down south. We're talkin' Red Fox Card Collars, Silver Fox stoles, and sassy White Fox muffs. They're perfect for adding a little winter cheer to every Californians' staple denim collection.

Throw one of these on and you'll feel like a minx.

I'm Lovin' it: Four day weekends. My weekend starts tomorrow, half-past noon!

I'm Over it: Girls with muffin tops. I saw one such victim on Santa Monica Boulevard today, bulging out of her too-tight denim. Ladies, there's nothing wrong with going a size bigger! Why look terrible in a size 26, just to say you're a 26, when you could look amazing AND be comfortable in a size 28? Honestly now.

Track Classic of the Day: "Southside" by Moby and featuring Gwen Stefani. It's been on repeat in my car for the past three days. And it will today, too, you just watch me.

* photos courtesy of shop.style.com


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