Sunday, November 20, 2005

Early Bird Sale

My homegirl R-Shizz braved the throngs of grabbing, snatching shoppers at the blowout BCBG warehouse sale, which begun on Thursday. She called me on her way home, cranky from lack of food and justifiably irritated for having to stand in line for two hours to pay. I vowed I wouldn't put myself through the same torture.

Ok, so maybe I lied a little.

R-Shizz bought the most fabulous off-the-shoulder black sweater with huge bat-sleeves, a circle pattern in the top left corner, and an adorable cinched waistband. For The Shizz, it was a reminder of her mom's stylo in the 80s, and for me, it was a reminder just how great warehouse sales can be.

So my alarm buzzed at 6 am this morning, me all tired but more than ready to battle fatigue in the name of scooping up $20 BCBG clothing and accessories. When I got to the location, a line already begun to snake down the block and people were getting on each other's last nerves. Almost witnessed a catfight between some chola girls and Vietnamese chicas because one chola dropped some hot sauce from her breakfast all over the Vietnamese girl's pants. Tension was mounting! What a relief when the pearly gates to the sale opened...

Here is what I gifted myself today: the same 80s sweater as Shizz (but had to get it in medium since the smalls were all taken...nuts!), a crazy-cool deconstructed long cardigan (Max Azria Collection, baby) and a mahogany, wide cinch belt (very YSL, for a sliver of the price). The original total for the items would've skyrocketed well over $150, but Haute Hippie scored all three for a light-weight $64.95.

Oh yeah.

I'm Lovin' it: St. Ives Skin Firming Lotion. I've been using the stuff for years (since university, I think) and I swear it works. Ran out of it a couple weeks ago and had to use St. Ives FRESHH20 body moisturizer -- it just wasn't the same. It now comes with a pump top to make the application process go more smoothly. No spills, no waste.

I'm Over it: Not really feeling like a hater tonight.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry that you didn`t see the catfight then. Some catfights are funny to watch if you happends to see one well done catfight.

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