Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Haute "Imelda Marcos" Hippie

I'm all for purchasing items that channel runway designs and accessories, while paying a fraction of the price. The meteoric rise (and still going!) of Forever 21, Top Shop, and H & M is a clear indication that every luxury consumer in world is on the same page as me.

Nine West has been putting out some great collections the past couple of seasons. The Hot 9 List on their website is so genious because it highlights the Nine West versions of must-have runway shoes. Today, I walked into Macy's -- intending to head straight for the cosmetics section to find eyelash primer -- but was immediately distracted by the shoe section (how is it that I, of course, park near the shoe entrance??). In two seconds, I spotted the next great love of my life: The Nine West Elsa.

Prada-slash-Louboutin-slash-Dior-inspired, The Elsa platform comes in three colors: brown with gold hardware, black with silver hardware, and green with gold hardware. I mentally teetered between the black (always practical) and the green (super hot), finally deciding that green was the way to go. I have waaaay too much noir in my closet anyway. Bonus: Macy's will take 25% off the $79 price tag at the counter! Gotta love those unexpected sales. Sizes for this particular model run a little big, so (VERY) unfortunately for me, there were no more 5.5s at the store nor any other Macy's in town.

I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and take a 6. Shoe shopping is SO hard sometimes...

I'm Lovin' it: Anything by Benefit Cosmetics. Not only are the product names and packaging so adoraby tongue-in-cheek, they actually work. The Benefit gal who helped me out today introduced me to Dr. Feelgood, a makeup primer and oil zapper filled with vitamin C goodness, healing your skin throughout the day. Top it off with Georgia peach powder (which you'll want to eat, it smells so good) and you'll be peachy keen.

I'm Over it: Pushy salespeople, whether it's at a dealership or a cosmetics counter.

Track Classic of the Day: "What It Is" by The Black Eyed Peas. Such a great song to jam to anywhere. It's pre-Fergie and pre-My Humps, when BEP was seriously the shizz-nit.

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