Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Patrick for Paco

In what initially appeared to be a bleak and dismal start to Paris' ready-to-wear free for all (courtesy of Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto), Patrick Robinson's Paco Rabanne revival collection was absolutely breathtaking. Yes, I know. Anything kimono or kimono-like may be a style preference of mine, but no one can argue the design mastery it takes to refashion 500 silk vintage kimonos into something old and something new, all while paying homage to the vision of Paco Rabanne.

Every girl wants to feel pretty. Most girly-girls out there want to know when they put on an outfit, they'll feel so utterly feminine, and Paco Rabanne under the creative direction of Mr. Virginia "Vogue Editor" Smith will do just that. His tenure at Perry Ellis proved that the boy sure can design to make you feel desired -- remember his SJP-slash-SaTC-inspired collection? Scores of Carrie Bradshaw lookalikes trounced down the runway, making you feel like an extra on the show, privy to those gossip-filled Sunday brunches and Manolo hunts around Manhattan. Except these were glamazon, ten foot tall Carries! I adored that collection and I adore this Paco Rabanne one just as much. Like I said before, everything always comes back to Sex & The City!

I'm Lovin' it: The new Elle Accessories magazine. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good accessory. The perfect platform shoe, a dazzling lucite cuff, or an amazing crocodile clutch can spice up any whatever outfit and make you a Glamour "do"...or at least get you photographed "On The Streets" in the New York Times. It's about time something like this came around...and you gotta love its gorgeous editor-in-chief Kelly K. Bensimon. Keep a leash on this one, Gilles!

I'm Over it: My new 5 am wake-up call. No longer will this gal get her proper beauty sleep. Unless I make my current bedtime, oh...say about 10 pm.


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