Saturday, October 01, 2005

From WestHo to The 'Bu

I'm event-ed out. Not that I've been going to a soiree every night this week, but I'd been so low-key for the past while (my liver is thanking me profusely for the detox time) that I'm definitely feeling the effects of two late nights in a row. Also can't count out the super late bender last weekend, which has seriously thrown my entire sleep schedule off-kilter since then. Ugh, lifestyles of the young and shameless.

Thursday night I went with a publicist friend of mine to a charity urban fashion show at the creepy, but eerily beautiful celebrity Scientology Center on Franklin in WestHo. A client of my friend was the closing line for the show, and she was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement because it was her first one ever. It was so refreshing to see her effervescence, especially with the slew of fashion shows in NYC, Milan and (up-coming) Paris that have somewhat become such a norm these past few years. Needless to say, her debut was a success and though the event went on for entirely way too long, it was worth it knowing all proceeds from the night were going to the American Red Cross. Could have done without the scientology recruitment speech by some guy before the show, but all in all a very noble soiree indeed.

Friday night was not so much noble as it was debauchery. Rip Curl, in conjunction with BWR PR, threw a big party out in Malibu for the up-coming Rip Curl surf event. It's the only event I've ever attended that said "No RSVP required" on the invite. Why, that's unheard of in LA! Needless to say, there were scores of surfer boys, sun-kissed and casually chic girls, good music (my booty's tired from shaking it all night!), a Malibu breeze on the patio, and one semi-celeb sighting as me and crew left the joint: Brody Jensen from The Princes of Malibu reality TV show and the stepson of the music man himself, David Foster. B's definitely a cutie, ladies. But seems very aware of that fact, too. Wonder if step-daddy David reinstated Brody's house account at Nobu yet? Note to self for the next surf party: Jack D and that damn Russian water (ie. vodka) are not a good combo if you want to hit the gym in the morning. Yup, yet to happen, y'all.

I'm Lovin' it: Surf company-sponsored parties in Malibu! They've been the best events I've gone to so far since moving here. Try to get on the list, you won't regret it. Rock on Rip Curl and Quiksilver!

I'm Lovin' it, part II: Check out Girlie Designs at Linda Antwi is such a sweetheart and newly-transplanted Vancouverite like myself! I'm just mad for her turquoise bolero, cropped tie-front jacket in brown, and black bat-winged, off-the-shoulder top. As they say, Canadian girls rule!

I'm Over it: Smoke from the three raging fires ravaging Ventura County. It's getting bad out there.


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