Sunday, October 09, 2005

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe

If someone asked me what fashion house would best sum up my sense of style, I would -- without a doubt -- say Chloe.

Thank the lord Phoebe Philo is back in action after a year of maternity leave! It is wholly apparent in this collection that Britain's favorite it-girl designer export hasn't lost her creative touch. In fact, it seems motherhood for Philo has given a fresh breath of inspiration to this continuously gorgeous brand. Chloe is best known and loved for its flowing, slouchy, chic yet casual look, and it sure looks like Chloe's Paris of spring '06 has a little more structure.

I'm head over heels (swear, no pun intended) for the black round-toe, leather ankle tie platforms (also seen on the runway in white) Jessica Stam is sporting with a canary yellow coat in the first image. I can't get enough of shoes that equally distribute your weight, meaning no hard-core pressure on the balls of your feet and no scrunched up hammer-toes from witchy stilettos. (And everywhere, men breathe a sigh of relief...I think they're afraid of women with access to pointy objects).

This season, it looks like Chloe is suddenly all grown up.

I'm Lovin' it: W Magazine's exposee on Tom Ford. For this article, Steven Klein captures Mr. Ford with his typically sexually-charged and provocatively edgy photography (loved his spread of Brad and Angelina). Hey, you can even sneak a peak at Tom's tush in picture #5.

I'm Over it: Banning McDonald's from ever entering my mouth again. Coming home from Nationale (Hollywood and Wilcox, y'all) last night, a friend politely usurped an entire container of large fries from an extremely generous man at a stoplight (she only asked for one fry!), prompting us to make a food stop at the Golden Arches. Sorry, Morgan Spurlock, ever now and then I have to go Super Size Me.


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