Monday, October 10, 2005

Follow Your Nose

My name is Haute Hippie, and I am a fragrance addict.

It's true. I step into Sephora and somehow can't stop from steering myself toward the fragrance section. My technique is downpat. Spritz one of those convenient white pieces of cardboard in the silver containers with this month's parfums du jour, clear the nose palette with the small jar of coffeebeans on hand, then repeat again and again, until it's time to agonize over which one to walk away with. Like many a beauty-obsessed chicas like myself, I can spend hours upon hours luxuriating in the endless brands of product that make Sephora women's heaven on earth.

Perfume and Cologne Picks From This Fragrance Aficionado (oldies but goodies, as well as newsies):

1. Angel Innocent. One of my BFFs from high school bought a huge gift basket of this Thierry Mugler fragrance for my 23rd birthday. I never feel sexier than when it's on, and it seems the fellas agree on that point when they inhale the seductively sweet scent. Know a very stylish guy who wears Angel Men, and he is by far the best-smelling man I've ever (albeit briefly) dated.

2. Christian Dior Addict. This is the current scent I'm dousing myself in. Got it last week as a "just because" present from my mother, courtesy of Loehmann's at the bargain price of $33. Sexy and elegant for under fifty bones? Can't go wrong there.

3. Hanae Mori for Men. Fresh yet masculine, you will never want to let your boyfriend (or boy-toy) go if he's got HM on. Trust me on this one.

4. Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf. Leave it to this Dutch duo to come up with the idea of pair a detonation device with flora. It's tea, bergamot, orchid, freesia, and patchouli all packed into a pink crystal grenade bottle. Explosive.

5. For the ultra-modern and minimalistic gal or guy, anything by Kenneth Cole is just for you. White hyacinth, black violet and fresh citrus notes keep things light. I picture New York in the springtime when I smell KC.

I'm Lovin' it: MTV's Laguna Beach. Went to a friend's BBQ and had a full on conversation with strangers (including the guys!) about who to love, who to hate, and if you were on "Team LC" or "Team Kristin". Check out Hollister tees if you're a hardcore fan of either, or better, both.

I'm Over it: Anything Li-Lo. That redhead/blonde is reaching the point of overexposure, and it's not her chest this time. (What chest now, anyway?!)


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