Tuesday, August 30, 2005


After eleven glorious days off, gallavanting all over northern and southern California with two of my BFFs who were visiting from home, it was back to the work grind for me today. There were samples to inventorize (FYI: not a word), press releases to write, emails to field -- you know, typical day at the office. The highlight of my day? Hands down, my boss bringing me a scrumdillyumptious (not to mention massive) chocolate truffle cupcake from Mani's Bakery Cafe on Fairfax, right after the Farmer's Market. Note to readers in the Los Angeles area: get thee to Mani's a treat yourself to one ASAP. Oh, and make sure to bring a knife and a bottle of water. It's so big and rich, you'll have to cut it in two, save half for later and follow every couple of bites with a sip of water.

All editing and fidgeting around with my blog page is supposed to make me somewhat more computer literate. However, mere minutes after putting up my first post ever, my little P Series Lifebook laptop started going haywire with pop-ups. So much for pop-up blocker. Trust me when I say I have no idea what the heck I did and trust me when I say I need some serious troubleshooting. Let's just say so far, so good typing this post in Safemode...

Here is my observation about celebrity stylists -- unless he or she is Rachel Zoe (stylist and hair/body/fashion template to various blonde starlets such as Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole "Mrs. DJ AM" Richie), they look absolutely NOTHING like what you picture in your mind. Case and point: I was sent on a mission to deliver a few items to a certain high-profile stylist. Upon meeting her, I was surprised to find she didn't even clear 5 feet tall and she wasn't the effortlessly chic, Vogue-inspired glamazon I expected. In fact, flashes of Willy Wonka's singing sidekicks from the Chocolate Factory kept popping up in my mind as I helped her carry loads of Manolos and designer gowns into a client's house. Sigh. I suppose living and breathing fashion vicariously through your clients isn't that bad, just as long as you get to touch this season's newest Chanel frock.

I'm Lovin' it: Two words -- Prison Break. Okay, fine. Two more words -- Wentworth Miller. Prison Break is Fox's new drama starring Mr. Miller, who also happens to be Mariah Carey's lover in her new music videos. Had to catch my breath when he ripped off his shirt in front of his also-incarcerated brother to reveal the prison's blueprints tattooed all over his body. Or maybe I couldn't breathe because of his incredible baby blues. Mondays at 8 pm on Fox. Be there or be square: www.fox.com/prisonbreak

I'm Over it: Sorry, MK Olsen. People singing your praises for starting the hippie-homeless-multi-layered-chic thing just can't really love fashion that much. Shame on you, Bonnie Fuller and Star Magazine!

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