Monday, August 29, 2005

The Fashion Confessional

So here it is. After a few weeks of procrastination, I've finally hitched myself up onto the blogging-bandwagon and started my own: Confessions of a Fashion Fanatic. As my little description states, this is a chronicle of my shenanigans as a new Angeleno, after moving from up north to down south...all in the name of fashion (and family, who now all live down here, too).

On September 8th, 2005 -- First year anniversary as an Angeleno. Time flies when you're desperately trying to move up in the fashion world! And let me tell you, I've learned A LOT in this past year about myself and the real world (and how it loves to kick you in the ass every now and then), but I wouldn't trade those lessons for anything, except for maybe:

A) Anywhere, anything in the publicity department of Chanel, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin or Bottega Veneta (hey, if I have to fetch coffees for the first while, then so be it)
B) Freelance writing for any one of the following: Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine, Vogue, or Fashion Week Daily
C) Working for or with Tom Ford (name one person in the fashion bubble that doesn't?!)
D) All of the above

Hmmmm...I think I'll go with "D"...

Recounting every moment in La-La Land since a year ago would take forever, so let's start from the here and now: I, Haute Hippie, currently work in fashion. No fronting like Pharrell here. I'm in fashion-career Hades right now, toiling away to work myself toward freedom...and a higher position in fashion publicity. With that said, I hope you enjoy my daily adventures, style obsessions, and occasional vents about the world in general. Hasta manana!

I'm Lovin' it: The super-slick, style-worthy, silk-lined men's blazers from L.A.-based Max Richard, a line that's been getting much love from male celebs. A women's line is in the works and, oh yeah, did I mention the Max Richard boys Lee Wasser and Max Benator are hella cute?! The site's is still getting updated, but feel free to browse at:

I'm Over it: Toy dogs in designer duds as pets. Need I say more?

Haute Hippie


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