Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reese's Piece.

Love her or hate her—though most seem to love her—Reese Witherspoon still holds the title of reigning America's Sweetheart (though Anne Hathaway is shaping up to be the heir apparent, methinks).

I don't particularly love or hate Reese, but I certainly do respect (some of) her work—kudos to her Tracy Enid Flick and June Carter Cash characters—and do respect everything about the way she conducts her life.

And I do very particularly love this Burberry Prorsum dress she's wearing on the newest cover of Glamour.

If I were a holiday dress, this would be me: pop color, sweetheart neckline (how apropos for Reese) with choppy layers, edgy leather piping and shoulder straps, bada** chunky metal jewellery. Bravo, Christopher Bailey (and Glamour stylists).

Hmmmm, I take it all back.

Think I'm in totally in love with The Witherspoon.

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