Monday, November 08, 2010

Fashion Maje(r).

I can't even begin to imagine how I'd handle the fashionable life of a Traina sister (that's Vanessa, Samantha and Victoria to all of you), if I had been born one of them.

I'm taking a work break to both blog and catch up on my sartorial sites, and although I'm doing this draped in my brown faux fur shoulder shrug (my apartment's chilly, I swear!), faux gold bijoux and my favorite new accessory -- my black and rose gold Plasteramic ToyWatch, that's probably about as Traina as I'm going to get right now.

Out of the three sisters, I leave the best Traina-ing to Vanessa, who is both besties with Alexander Wang and the current face of Maje, a Parisian label that's equal parts chic to equal parts cool.

In the famous words of another style icon, Victoria Beckham, this is major.

I'm Lovin' it: The nanaimo bars from Mon Petit Choux. Actually, I really just like saying "mon petit choux". In the same faux accent as Pepe Le Pew, bien sur.

I'm Over it: Oh, Parisian labels, how I love you but, oh, how I dislike the overuse of Flash on your websites.

Track of the Day: "Dream #7" by Axel & The Farmers. It's the soundtrack to the Maje website. Shoegaze rock, in the same vein as M83's "Graveyard Girl". Yes? No?? I'll let you decide.

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