Monday, November 22, 2010

She's Come Undone.

Giovanna Battaglia is every style photo-blogger's dream shot of the day.

The model-turned-L'Uomo Vogue fashion editor rubbernecks heads with her patrician good looks, impeccable fashion sense and slick low bun with center part.

This is precisely why I love this particular shot, taken by The Sartorialist of her, with hair loose and slightly mussed. Not to mention soft-tough marriage of the airy colorblocked dress and hard boot heels. Even her shoelace hangs untied.

It's like she's come undone, but only in the chic manner that defines Giovanna.

PS. If I were to be laid to rest in any outfit, this ensemble would be in my top five.

I'm Lovin' it: Alexander Wang. Heels. Spring '11.

I'm Over it: Today, I received my first ever "hate mail" for the existence of my social and events column in the newspaper:

"I will be putting on a pair of shoes next week. I am relatively unknown but that seems to be the theme in your Out After Dark piece which features a whose who of people nobody knows doing things of which nobody cares."

Oh boy.

Music of the Day: Spike Jonze directed the music video for Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs". It's like his own 'burbs version of a beautiful dark twisted fantasy. Or, perhaps, reality.

* Photos property of The Sartorialist, and are used solely for commentary purposes.


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