Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Theory.

Theory is a working woman's brand.

Ladies spending their 9-5 in conservative offices could always, in Theory (no pun intended), be both office-chic and office-appropriate.

For those more adventurous in dress, Theory wasn't exactly a go-to, but with news that Olivier Theyskens recently broke his design hibernation and took the reigns at the brand, that tune is about to change more than a few octaves.

He presented his first collection, for Spring 2011, the other day and suddenly, gone are any perceptions of Theory being only about work pants and sensible (read: boring) pieces.

Well, the brand still makes sense, but even more so now for the fashion-forward.

I'm Lovin' it: Shall I be a cupcake for Halloween, as suggested by American Apparel? I think yes.

I'm Over it: Seriously?! Policemen in an Italian town have been given the right to fine women for wearing too-short skirts and too-low tops. So much for fashion freedom and really going after the bad guys.

Music of the Day: Green Wedding Shoes did a mix of covers from Passion Pit, Ryan Adams, The Black Keys and more. Perfect for playing on rainy, grey days in.

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