Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cole's Notes.

Many of us suffer greatly for fashion: too-high heels, too-tight Spanx (for going under that Herve Leger), too-heavy wool coats, too-expensive impulse buys, the list rambles on.

Insiders and consumers want to be feel comfortable, but recoil at the thought of sacrificing aesthetics for it, hence the rising popularity of trendy sweats, like loose, cropped, harem-ish sweatpant, a la Alexander Wang, Norma Kamali and Joe Fresh, or long sweatshirt dresses.

Kings of Cole has released a new collection of sweats with rose-gold hardware, all of which is more likely to be paired with heels and seen in the inside of a hip hotel bar rather than be paired with Nikes on a treadmill.

Wearing these?

It's no sweat at all.

I'm Lovin' it: Gucci just released a pair of 3D glasses, in the brand's classic aviator style, so say goodbye to those generic ones from the movie theatre. I'm ready to see Avatar again!

I'm Over it: This morning, one of my work accounts was operating fine. An hour later, everything in my inbox and folders vanished. You can say I'm freaking out just a little right now.

Track of the Day: Daft Punk made a special appearance at a recent Phoenix concert at Madison Square Garden. I don't really know what it is about this helmeted electro duo, but seeing them makes my heart skip a beat. Seeing them playing with Phoenix makes my heart skip two.

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