Thursday, July 29, 2010

Job Love.

I spent a good portion of my work day transcribing my V.I.A. interview with architect Michael Green from award-winning mcfarlane biggar green architecture + design.

My grey matter is in a state of mush right now, so I need a big time break, though it's rather humorous that my method of taking a break from transcribing and typing is to type and write even more.

Though transcribing interviews is long and laborious -- I don't have one of those fancy digital recorders that turns recorded interviews into a word document just yet -- one of the most fulfilling things about this task is re-listening to the conversation, picking up bits of information and poignant statements that I may have missed in the interview moment (thinking about the next question, no doubt).

I spent nearly two hours with Michael, chatting about everything from Morocco and Guatemala travels with his children to a reclaimed skis public art piece he masterminded to reinventing the Canadian timber industry to working with the Aga Khan on sustainable communities in Tajikistan to rock climbing to why bears are his firm's nemesis.

Michael and mgb just won big accolades in Chicago at the International Interior Design Association awards for their work on the Rennie Gallery and LYNNsteven boutique (see the image below for Michael and the book installation), an amazing feat for a local firm.

The reason they won was simple: instead of being victorious for big, flashy work, they were victorious for simplicity and, more importantly, shifting the way architects look at design.

So why I love my job is because I get to meet and shoot the breeze with forward-thinking innovators like Michael Green and Bob Rennie and Eoin Finn and Richard Jaffray, all of whom have, yes, had great success financially but who are truly good souls and who truly recognize that even greater success comes from retaining life balance and from changing the world.

So a big thank you to folks like Michael, Bob, Eoin and Richard, who have had a major hand in making my work that much more enjoyable.

Hope to cross paths with many more people like them in the future, too.

I'm Lovin' it: It's been a week of very full, productive work days. Self-back pat action happening right now.

I'm Over it: n/a

Track of the Day: "Bloodstream" by Stateless. Don't judge me, I'm aware this song is on The Vampire Diaries soundtrack, but I didn't know that before I liked the song. True story.

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