Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh No, They Di'nt.

Style.com took photos of some fashionable people at the recent annual music festival at Coney Island.

I love to look at what folks put together for musical festivals, because there's often a nice cross section of vintage, high-low and just plain cool (lots of jean shorts between 2009-2010 thus far!).

Except for this get-up they posted.

Not sure what the thought process was for this, as the piece was on fashion "do's", not "don'ts".

The photographic evidence speaks for itself, that's all I have to say.

* Photo property of style.com and is used solely for commentary purposes


Blogger Nadine said...

i was looking at that yesterday! and no matter how i looked at it, no matter how i tilted my head, i just couldn't see it. i mean... crocs?? what?? and the t-shirt she "cut herself!".... um... yeah...

4:47 AM  

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