Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dace Fall 2010.

The new look book for Dace is out, and the photography is pretty stunning (some of the shots remind my slightly of the rowing scene from The Notebook).

A bonus from this new collection is the very adorable stationary set made by The Paper Whale in Toronto, which comes with every Fall 2010 online purchase.

Dace is a whale of a good line.

I'm Lovin' it: I was at the extremely stylish apartment of an interior designer and his florist partner yesterday evening, and could not get over the dark grey corduroy button back headboard in their guest room. You wouldn't think grey corduroy could be categorized as chic, but oh, believe me, it is.

I'm Over it: This Harmonized Sales Tax our local government shoved down out throats has GOT to go.

Track of the Day: "AM FM" by !!!. There's a great, super funky bass line in this track.

* Photos property of Dace and are used solely for commentary purposes


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