Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday! Lululemon Love.

Popped into lululemon Lab last night to reconnect with lulu Lab leader Melissa Content and the rest of her amazing team and, wow, the fashion-forward designs they have going on in there are phenomenal.

One lululemon gal Lauren -- an old friend of a work colleague and formerly of both Chanel and Hermes in New York -- was wearing a pair of organic fabric harem pants in a washed out navy, paired with a white button-down shirt, heeled sandals and big statement necklace.

What's great about the newer Lab items is that they've made the lulu symbol black (instead of the standard issue white) on the pieces, differentiating between sports gear and fashion gear.

And for all you eastern folk out there, Melissa is packing her bags (sniff) and heading back to the right coast to open a new lululemon Lab location, so keep your eyes and ears open for the opening date.

Namaste, and Happy Friday!

Haute Hippie

I'm Lovin' it: Went into a book store the other day and flipped through a stack of fashion glossies, which is something I haven't done for awhile. It reminded me of how much I admire what goes behind producing each issue, and reminded me of why I love fashion and everything around it so damn much.

Snapped this picture from a collage of photos in the latest L'Officiel, this one being of a gorgeous little girl with photography aspirations.

I'm Over it: Can tomorrow's beach bash for Big Brother K's birthday be here already? No?? Okay, fine.

Track of the Day: "Fall N Love" by Slum Village, since it's Big Brother K's birthday this weekend and is mos definitely a Big Brother K kind of song.

* Photo property of lululemon and is used solely for commentary purposes


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