Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midas Touch.

Many insiders have been lamenting the end of couture since last year, fearing that the storied ateliers and businesses catering to this sartorial art form will disappear sooner rather than later.

Couture, some argue, has no place in such low economic times (nor has relevance anymore in general), since it sets a buyer back thousands and thousands (and sometimes millions) of dollars for all that painstaking, hand-crafted detailing and luxe fabrics.

Fashion without couture is like an Aston Martin One-77 without leather. That quality mastery and material really helps make the whole.

Without further ado, here my two top picks for the latest haute couture showings in Paris, one from Chanel and one from Dior.

Disclaimer: both have a rather obscene amount of gold beading.

I'm Lovin' it: I could use a new obscenely big necklace. This will do.

I'm Over it: I forgot how to spell "obscene" for about 20 seconds. Hooked on phonics much?

Music of the Day: My pal Matty of Adidas emailed along a link to Radio Zero, which has some fantastic mixes. This one by Tyler Fedchuk has been making me bounce in my seat for the past 25 minutes or so.

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Anonymous yvr said...

Hi! enjoying your blog as always. I think the first pic is Givenchy and the second Chanel. non?

7:15 PM  

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