Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bukey Down Down.

Yaz and Emel Bukey know how to do things: party and make jewellery.

These Parisian sisters (and apparently Ottoman princesses) oversee Yazbukey, a line of bags, brooches, head pieces and necklaces that are definitely fun and most definitely kitschy (see: the Karl Lagerfeld and Fantasy Polaroid necklaces).

There's a hint of pop art in the designs, too, which comes as no surprise since most of the pieces are a nod to something in pop culture.

It reminds me a bit of Steven Shein's baubles in terms of kitsch factor, minus the glitter and rhinestones.

Shake Yazbukey.

I'm Lovin' it: Coachella 2010 is over, but the street style found there lives on in pictures. Music is obviously the number one priority at this festival, but fashion comes in very closely at number two. There were plenty of stylish kittens, from celebs like Kate Bosworth to musicians like Victoria Legrande from Beach House to regular fest-goers. Lots of cut-off shorts, boots, lace details, rompers and long necklaces!

I'm Over it: My daily sugar intake in the last few days has been ridiculous. So much for that cleanse I told myself I was going on.

Track of the Day: "Real Life" by Tanlines, a duo from Brooklyn.

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