Thursday, April 15, 2010


So a California girl I am right now, lapping in rays of sunshine and killing myself laughing over how I've already gotten my Forever 21 and Cheesecake Factory fill within less than 24 hours of being here.

Though I'm on a mini vacay, my body still woke up at 6:30 this morning, prompting me to get a little bit of work out of the way, as well as a little bit of an a.m. fashion fix, in the form of investigating a bag brand that goes by the name of BOYY.

BOYY, founded by Montreal-born Jesse Dorsey and Bangkok-born Wannasiri Kongman, thrives on quality (like German threads and Italian leathers) and detailing (like raw cut edges and custom metal bands) in its bags. The brand's design headquarters is located in Bangkok, the roots of Kongman's background and also where they recently opened a new store in Central Chidlom, where a made-to-order service desk exists so clients can create their own dream bag.

I've been on the hunt for a great flap of late, so the python-embossed Slash is on my radar. And since fringe has yet to become moot in my fashion books, I'm also salivating over the Sylvester.

Boy, oh boy, these bags are good.

I'm Lovin' it: Speaking of BOYYs, I scored myself this Olsenboye twill bottom dress yesterday for $18. Only in the States, only in the States.

I'm Over it: Not finding these Olsenboye pieces in my size. Boooooo. But me and my mom are heading to San Diego to hunt them down. I'm on a mission.

Track of the Day: I was introduced to J. Cole yesterday by a fella who was my flight mate yesterday enroute to California, and through him realized that "A Star is Born" -- my favorite track off Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 album -- had a verse by J. Cole in it. Maybe hip hop isn't dead after all, with up and coming talent like him.

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