Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Monday! California Love.

Me. California. Soon.

This means adventurea to Melrose and 3rd Avenues, Main Street in Venice and Montana Avenue in Santa Monica for a little window (and actual) shopping, soaking up all the clothing and accessories I just can't find here.

I believe there's a stop scheduled for Opening Ceremony, Creatures of Comfort (on the advice on my girl Cancansoo), Confederacy (could there be a Danny Masterson -- aka. DJ Momjeans -- sighting?), Polka Dots & Moonbeams, Planet Blue and, of course, American Rag. I've also thought of trekking to Santee Alley in downtown L.A., but in all honesty, it would be a trek in the name of churros and spiced mango slices rather than the clothing.

If there's time, I'm dying to do the Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach bike ride, too.

Suddenly, I'm feeling like being a SoCal girl again. If only for a little while.

I'm Lovin' it: One Shu Uemura Art of Hair ceremony this morning (ahhhh, hair oils and scalp massages) and one sweet treat facial at Skoah (my skin is squeaky clean), with one wine tasting in between (nothing like a mid-afternoon glass of pinot gris). And you know what? It was all in the name of work. Love my job.

I'm Over it: You know who you are.

Music of the Day: Mayer Hawthorne. This singer, songwriter, producer and other multi-hypenate music dude and his band (called "The County") opened for Passion Pit last night and, damn, was he good. His influences come the schools of jazz, blues, soul and hip hop, taking from greats like Curtis Mayfield, Barry White, Smokey Robinson and Isaac Hayes. I like that he throws on a slim suit and skinny ties and that his bandmates wear matching red sweaters (or they did in last night's show). I also liked "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out".

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Oh I love Shu Uemura! You're so lucky you love your job...

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