Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Dream.

I can name dozens and dozens of awesome things that happen to be green: Happy Planet's Green Machine drink (if you want anti-oxidants, you got it with this one!), Benjamins, Pacific Northwest scenery, detailing on Canucks uniforms, mint chocolate chip ice cream (which I had in Manhattan Beach yesterday), my EcoJot notebook and the Joe Fresh nail polish on my fingertips at the moment.

And then there's this filigree bikini, which I picked up today.

Green and gold: the only kind of currency you need in the bank (and now, apparently, on the beach).

I'm Lovin' it: Why hello there, Manhattan Beach.

I'm Over it: Today I dragged my dad to about three or four different Aldo stores to find this one bag I spotted in Glendale and, stupidly, didn't buy at the time. And no one else has it but that one store, which happens to be over 50 miles away. Argh. At least my dad was a good sport about my obsession.

Track of the Day: "Rude Boy" by Rihanna. I'm not a radio listener on the regular, but without my iPod hookup here in California, I was forced to tune into KIIS, Power 105.9 and the like. I'm not gonna lie, this song really came through getting me through traffic. And I like the Africana colors in the video, too.

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