Monday, August 24, 2009


Sasha Pivovarova posed for W magazine and fashion fotog Craig McDean in a rather brilliant editorial, with Sasha P. playing a (literal) paper bag princess.

Only the paper bags are of the Dior, Prada and Armani kind.

And she's wearing Dior, Prada and Armani to go along with it.

I'd say poor girl, but that's very evidently not the case.

I'm Lovin' it: The Style & Design section of Time magazine did a great article called "The Green Design 100", which lists companies, people, brands, architects and buildings on the edge of luxury sustainability. Some of the mock-ups of sustainable, self-functioning buildings and eco-cities (like Tianjin in China) being built around the world are mind-blowing.

I'm Over it: Why did Fashionista pull images of the Rodarte for Target collection before I could see it?! Oh, the Mulleavys and their cloud of Rodarte secrecy.

Track of the Day: "Harold T Wilkins" by Fanfarlo from London. Fun and peppy. The band is kind of Vampire Weekend-ish. "Ghosts" is a good track, too.

* Photos property of W magazine, Craig McDean, Time magazine, and are used solely for commentary purposes


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