Tuesday, May 26, 2009

60 Minutes of Anna Wintour.

Morley Safer of 60 Minutes followed Vogue's Anna Wintour around Fashion Week, watching and observing the actions of and reactions to the world's Most Famous Fashion Editor.

Out of those weeks of La Wintour shadowing came this 13-minute clip that gives but just a teensy little glimpse into the life and opinions of the Bobbed One.


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I'm Lovin' it: These super lightweight leather wedges with buckles at Umeboshi are my dream summer shoe, but right now I just can't fathom dropping six bills on them. (Sorry for the less-than-stellar image, I had to take a quick pic before the sales girl spotted me)

I'm Over it: I wish M83 did their original version of "Graveyard Girl" last night, not the slow-building version they had going on.

Track of the Day: Takin' it way back with "Summertime" by the Fresh Prince, aka. Will Smith. Just 'cause this one day of rain is going to give way to a gorgeous rest of the week, so might as well have an old school musical segue into it.

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Blogger Toblerusse said...

May, that guy. He creeps me out. The CBS guy.

It looks like he might die during the intro to that segment.


60 minutes.......til that guy crokes.

Is it mandatory that everyone on 60 minutes be 60+ years old?

11:53 AM  

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