Monday, May 25, 2009

Buckle Up.

Yes, Chloe Sevigny is first and foremost a thespian (remember her in Kids?), but over her lifespan has become something of a major fashion icon with her quirky, downtown style.

Fashion had become so enamored of her clothing aesthetic, it wasn't long before she was joining rank with her designer admirers as a guest designer for industry favorite boutique, Opening Ceremony.

I've dutifully perused the collections she's concocted for the brand over the past few seasons, though found myself not really interested in much of it.

Until today.

Say a breathy hello to Sevigny's buckle boots, which come from her Fall '09 collection (of which also happens to be her first stab at unisex, though I'm pretty sure these are made for girls only).

Unfortunately, the presale for these $625 babies is over, so you may want to set up camp at the Opening Ceremony nearest you for when it hits OC store shelves.

I'm Lovin' it: When Juicy tracksuits became de rigueur in the early 2000s, a weird, ill feeling hit my stomach. At that point, the extreme love for Juicy Couture was something I didn't quite understand, but I did admire founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor for doing whatever they wanted to do in terms of design, because it was so successful with the masses. Well, I have reason to admire them again for eschewing whatever else is going on because instead of doing a cheaper, diffusion line like every designer and their dog, the Juicy girls are rolling out a higher-end line called Bird this coming August at Bergdorf Goodman -- think denim, military jackets, knits and cardigans on the collection roster.

Never thought I'd say this, but viva la Juicy!

I'm Over it: There was a huge Crocs store near my hotel in Hawaii. And too many people on the street wearing them. Sigh. I just need to get over it.

Track of the Day: This will forever be the song that reminds me of Hawaii '09. Mahalo to Bob Marley and the Wailers for making my beach time tanning awesome.

Track of the Day, Part Deux: Heck yeah. Sneaky Sound System is coming to town on June 19!! All the way from Oz to here, finally. And I finally get to hear "Pictures" live and in person.

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Anonymous YVR said...

I wonder if the Chloe buckle shoes started that trend. Did you see the Surface2Air buckle shoes for the summer? J+O might still have them.

As for the Crocs, I *must* have hallucinated, but I saw a Crocs store going up on Robson a few doors down from Earls. yikes...

1:04 PM  

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